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Python script to integrate Skype to Ubuntu messaging menu
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skype-notifier - script that integrates Skype in Ubuntu Messaging menu

Requires: python, python-skype, python-notify, python-gtk

It could be used in two ways:
 - just launch script from terminal. It will launch Skype if it is not running 
   yet, and will display Skype and new messages in Ubuntu Messaging Menu. When 
   you will exit Skype, items in Messaging Menu will disappear
 - Use script as a wrapper for Skype application.
   Edit /usr/share/applications/skype.desktop file, point Exec parameter to
   skype-notifier script (don't forget to do chmod uo+x).
   If you'd like to be able to launch Skype from Messaging Menu add
   /usr/share/indicators/messaging/applications/skype file with one line in it:

Optionaly you can disabel Skype text notifications in Skype settings and remove
Skype icon from top toolbar. To remove icon you do:
1) install dconf-tools
2) run dconf-editor
3) navigate to: Desktop > Unity > Panel and highlight the panel option. 
4) In the pane on the right you'll see a string of items which are allowed to 
   display in the Notification Area as if it were a System Tray, Skype is one of 
   them, so carefully remove it making sure you don't mess up the formatting of 

On the first launch of the script you will be prompted to allow Skype4Py
connection to Skype. You should click 'Yes' or script won;t work.
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