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from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import CountVectorizer
from sklearn.naive_bayes import BernoulliNB
def load_files(root_folder):
file_names = ["imdb_labelled.txt", "amazon_cells_labelled.txt", "yelp_labelled.txt"]
lines = []
for f in file_names:
with open(root_folder + f) as text_file:
lines +="\n")
return lines
def transform(lines):
tab_line = map(lambda line: line.split("\t"), lines)
valid_lines = filter(lambda line: len(line) == 2 and line[1] <> '', tab_line)
return valid_lines
def document_labels(lines):
train_document = map(lambda line: line[0], lines)
train_label = map(lambda line: int(line[1]), lines)
return train_document, train_label
def word_index(vocabulary_, key):
return vocabulary_[key]
except KeyError:
return -1
def build_classifier(train_documents, labels):
return BernoulliNB().fit(train_documents, labels)
def main():
print "Start some classification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
lines = load_files("../../data/sentiment labelled sentences/")
lines = transform(lines)
document, labels = document_labels(lines)
word_vector = CountVectorizer(binary='true')
document_features = word_vector.fit_transform(document)
classifier = build_classifier(document_features, labels)
test = ["this is worst movie", "tlooks like good use of time", "should not go for this"]
print classifier.predict(word_vector.transform(test))
if __name__ == "__main__":