A simple NodeJS app for testing deployment to Azure.
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NodeJS Azure deployment test

This repo contains a very simple NodeJS server. It is a test for deployment to Azure from GitHub.

The remainder of this readme provides instructions on how to deploy this very simple server to Azure.

Create an empty Azure Web App

This assumes that you are using the new Azure portal.

  • Logged into the Azure portal and go to the main page.
  • Click New.
  • Click See all.
  • Choose Web App.
  • Click Create.
  • Enter a name for you app, eg mytestapp
  • Select a subscription and resource group.
  • Select an App Service plan/location
    • Click Create New.
    • Enter a name for the App Service plan, eg mytestapp.
    • Select a location.
    • Select a Pricing Tier.
      • Click 'View all'
      • I recommend the 'Free' option just if you are experimenting.
    • Click OK to create the App Service plan.
  • Click Create to create the Web App.
  • Wait for the Web App to be deployed.

Hook the Azure Web App up to a GitHub repo for deployment

  • Go into the Settings for the Web app you just created.
  • Click Deployment Source.
    • Click Choose Source.
      • Click GitHub.
    • Click Authorization and connect to your Github account.
    • By default your personal account will be selected. You can change this to a different organization if required.
    • Now chose the Github project that you want to deploy. For example if you are deploying this repo choose simple-azure-deployment-test.
    • Select the branch to deploy or leave it as default (master).
    • Click OK.
  • Wait for deployment to complete.

You should now have simple web page that you can access at .azurewebsites.net.

For example if you called the app mytestapp then you can browse to the web page at http://mytestapp.azurewebsites.net.

You should see a simple web page generated by the NodeJS server.

Some other example pages to look at:

Updating your deployment

To update your deployment, simple push changes to the GitHub repo. Those changes will be automatically deployed to your Azure Web App.