a simple x86 kernel, extended with Rust
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x86 kernel

a simple x86 kernel, extended with Rust

this is my work following along with a @phil-opp's blog post series "A minimal x86 kernel"



(if you are on OSX, ChromeOS, Windows, etc)

linux dependencies

  • nasm: assembler (assembly -> binary)
  • ld: linker (makes binary out of other files)
  • grub: creates the bootable iso
  • xorriso: req'd by grub, filesystem manipulator
  • QEMU: fake-computer emulator


you don't need these, but they are nice for viewing generated code.

  • hexdump: allows you to view generated binary
  • objdump: a nicer viewer for .o files

up and running

  1. fork and clone this repository

  2. navigate into the repo directory: cd x86-kernel

  3. $ vagrant up

  4. $ vagrant ssh -- -Y -- -Y forwards graphics

  5. $ multirust default nightly-2015-11-19

    Sets your default rust to a stable nightly. The features needed to do OS work in Rust are not yet in a stable release, so you must use a nightly build.

  6. $ cd /vagrant

    The /vagrant directory is the virtualized directory that is synced with the / directory on your HD.

  7. $ make run