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Mypy stub generator

Mypy requires stub files describing the interfaces of modules in order to type-check code that uses them. Writing them is quite tedious so here are some tools to help:

  • generates a dynamically typed stub file for a named module

  • gets a list of modules to stub by scraping the module index page on (not ideal, I know)


  • CPython version 3
  • Beautiful Soup version 4 if you want to run (get with pip install beautifulsoup4 or apt-get install python3-bs4)


Here's roughly what I did to get a mostly working set of stubs.

Decide what to stub:

python3 > modules.txt

Generate the bulk of the stubs (assuming zsh):

for m (`cat modules.txt`) python3 $m stubs

A couple didn't quite work with the default settings:

rm stubs/{os,tempfile}.py
python3 os stubs --force-package \
    --hiding MutableMapping --hiding _Environ
python3 tempfile stubs --hiding _Random

I had to use the original hand-written stubs for another two:

  • builtins because the generated stub has some syntax errors around the definitions of any and object

  • re because the original stub had some extra interfaces (Match and Pattern, I think) which aren't actually exposed as classes in the python module.