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an attempt to automate building things under nacl


  • nacl is a good sandbox
  • building things under nacl is painful


at the moment, do something like

python py27

to build python-2.7 under nacl. if it fails the first time you're probably going to need to do

rm build/* out/*

before trying again.

directory layout

  • ports/{name} -- stuff required to build {name}
    • ports/{name}/go -- build script in our funny pythonish DSL
    • ports/{name}/* -- other stuff needed for this build
  • tools/{name} -- stuff required to fetch {tool}
    • tools/{name}/init -- this is run if the tool doesn't seem to be installed yet
    • tools/{name}/provide -- this is run when the tool is used to set up the environment variables and things.
  • downloads (created on first run) -- where tarballs and things are cached
  • build (created on first run) -- used as a working directory
  • out (created on first run) -- where things get installed to after building


you know, things that are required to build the ports but are probably not there on a vanilla system, like the nacl sdk.

funny DSL?

it's python with some handy extra globals like download(). look at the existing scripts for examples

what on earth is a line_mangler?

it's an attempt to provide a vaguely systematic means of applying the inevitable tweaks and things that are needed to get things to build. i suppose a diff could be used instead...

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