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Thank you for contributing!

You can contribute by either creating a pull request or by filing an issue on the issue tracker. In general, try and keep to one suggested change per pull request/issue. It's easier to work with a series of many small suggested changes rather then one large suggested change.

When suggesting a new resource or link to add, be sure to...

  1. Include a link to the resources and a brief description or annotation.
  2. Make sure the resource is high-quality
  3. Try and avoid overlap or too much redundancy between existing resources.

In addition, please keep in mind that at present time, I will generally NOT accept:

  1. Resources specific to a particular library or framework.

    Currently, this resource is more oriented towards collecting resources for learning programming languages. I unfortunately don't have the time to do a thorough evaluation of all the different popular frameworks currently in use.

  2. Content which can only be accessed through payment.

    I will make multiple exceptions to this rule, especially for books or for paid content which has a good number of positive critical reviews. Basically, I need some way of verifying that a given resource is high-quality, either by reading it myself or by relying on reviews by others.

Please note that the goal of this collection is to create an annotated list of high-quality resources suitable for beginners or people wanting to improve their skill in an existing category. This collection is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every single possible resource, since that might be overwhelming for beginners.

In addition, if you feel that two existing resources are very similar and that having both of them adds no value, or if one resource is too low-quality, please open a discussion on the issue tracker.