Argument validation methods, for example: this.user = Argument.NotNull("user", user).


This project includes a single class, Argument, useful for argument validation/guard methods.
You can get the NuGet package at:

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public MyService(OtherService other) {
   _other = Argument.NotNull("other", other);


  1. ReSharper annotations (Argument.ExternalAnnotations.xml).
    Note that there is [NotNull] annotation on values that are being tested — that is so you do not forget to add [NotNull] to your arguments.
  2. For .NET 4.5 Code Contracts: [ContractArgumentValidator].
    I did not have time to test if it actually works in Visual Studio though.
  3. Argument.Ex is an extensibility point. Example:

    public static T Magic<T>(this Argument.Extensible _, string name, T value) {
    Argument.Ex.Magic("name", value);