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This method will emit 'basicConsumeOk' when ready.
+### queue.unsubscribe(consumerTag)
+Unsubscribe from a queue, given the consumer tag. The consumer tag is
+supplied to the *promise callback* of `Queue.subscribeRaw` or
+ connection.queue('foo', function(queue) {
+ var ctag;
+ queue.subscribe(function(msg) {...})
+ .addCallback(function(ok) { ctag = ok.consumerTag; });
+ ...
+ queue.unsubscribe(ctag);
+ });
+Note that `Queue.unsubscribe` will not requeue messages that have not
+been acknowledged. You need to close the queue or connection for that
+to happen. You may also receive messages after calling `unsubscribe`;
+you will **not** receive messages from the queue after its promise
+callback has been invoked, however.
### queue.shift()
For use with `subscribe({ack: true}, fn)`. Acknowledges the last

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