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The repo for the code lab session of JSLovers meetup on 17th March 2019
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Unit Testing in Node.js

The repo for the code lab session of JSLovers meet-up on 17th March 2019! 😊 The repository contains both the tests using Mocha1 and Jest, however I prefer Node.js testing using Mocha when it comes to MongoDB & Mongoose

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  • SDLC
  • Testing
  • Coding Phase & Unit Testing
  • Unit Testing in Node.js
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code Coverage
  • CI/CD (Read the Guide)

A note on branches

I planned to carry out the workshop in 4 steps. hence you can find 4 extra branches for this repo. Each branch contains the codebase in progressive steps. Codebase is splitted into

  • Step 1: Testing Functions
    • Normal Functions
    • Callbacks Functions
    • Promise Functions
    • async- await Functions
  • Step 2: Testing Classes
  • Step 3: How about TDD?
  • Step 4: Let's setup CI/CD (Refer this Guide if you forget the steps)


  • 1Due to lack of time I dropped the idea of Mocha, let's see when I can publish Mocha stuff
  • Link to slides, videos & images
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