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puppet module for kerberos

This module will install and manage kerberos servers and clients

Sample Usage

Installs fully functional KDC ( kerberos server and admin_server utilities )

include kerberos::kdc
inlcude kerberos::kdc::admin_server


include kerberos::server

Installs kerberos client:

include kerberos::client

Sets-up keystab file for specified services

kerberos::host_keytab { ["host", "hdfs", "mapred"]: }

Using with puppet apply (given this module lives in /root/modules):

cd ~ && mkdir modules
cd ~/modules && git clone https://github.com/ashrithr/puppet_kerberos.git kerberos
puppet apply --modulepath=/root/modules -e "include kerberos::server"

To generate keytab files see example manifest 'hadoop.pp' which will generate keytab files for hadoop users, sample usage:

puppet apply --modulepath=/root/modules -e "include kerberos::hadoop"

To install standalone puppet:

wget -qO - https://raw.github.com/ashrithr/scripts/master/install_puppet_standalone.sh | bash