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A light , free and open source graphical network traffic monitor in linux
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A light , free and open source graphical network traffic monitor for linux that directly uses xlib for drawing graphs that means it works fine on any linux distribution and doesn't need extra library for gui.



To build ashmon you need install xlib development headers with : sudo apt-get install libx11-dev or sudo yum install libX11-devel
Then go to project folder and build project with : make command.


Install ashmon in /usr/bin folder : sudo sh
Run ashmon : ashmon network-interface-name replace "network-interface-name" with that network interface you want monitor, like : ashmon eth0 or ashmon wlan0 or ashmon ppp0
If you want ashmon start automatically on system startup just run script at the same path with : sudo sh

Gui operations:

click fades out window for 5 seconds.

click and drag moves window everywhere you want.

mouse whele up/down changes window opacity.

right click exits application.



Fix exposure freeze bug.


Spliting project in different files. Changing x11 configs and draw functions. Using a precise timer for 1 second interrupts.


Fix memory leak.


Fix dev_name bug in issue #1 (thanks to @nutpantz).


Save last time used network-interface name in config file.


Added autostart bash script.

v1.2 :

Added Total Download/Upload bytes.

v1.1 :

Edited ashmon_config path to ~/home.

Added script for easy setup.


Copyright (c) 2015 Mohammad Nejati released under the GPL v2.0

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