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Console Application

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@ashupp ashupp released this 29 May 09:01
· 6 commits to master since this release

You can now change the values by calling an exe file with parameters.
Result is provided in Exit code of execution.
Unzip and start on console

sfx-100-streamdeck-console.exe EnableAllEffects
sfx-100-streamdeck-console.exe SetOverallIntensity 50
sfx-100-streamdeck-console.exe EffectIntensitySet Heave 20
sfx-100-streamdeck-console.exe EffectIntensityIncrement Heave 1 (The 1 is steps to increment by)
sfx-100-streamdeck-console.exe ControllerIntensityIncrement SFX 1 (The 1 is steps to increment by)