ANPR system on Android Smartphone
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Welcome to the Open Automatic Number Plate Recognition on Smartphones (former UIT-ANPR)

We have renovated our project to Android Studio at this repository:

In this version, we do recognition for international plates. European contries has the most positive result because we got many sample contributions from European countries.

Automatic Numberplate Recognition is an emerging research field which attracts many researchers. At University of Information Technology, Hochiminh City, Vietnam, we have invested a project that aims to build an automatic numberplate recognition program on Android. The project has been done at the first phase: a program that can recognize Vietnamese Motobike Number Plates. However, the techniques is the same for any number plate.

You can download it at Google App store with these keywords: uit anpr or uanpr. The video of usage is at Youtube: In order to implementing U-ANPR, it is required three techniques:

  1. Using OpenCV on Android for processing raw image data
  2. Locates the number plate within the captured image
  3. Using Neuron Network for to learn and recognize characters on numbe plates.

We have found that it could save hours for other researchers who want to build there own program for recognizing number plate in their own countries if we publish our preliminary results. We now decide to publish these code to share. Any comments is much appreciated.

Let's make it to become an Open Automatic Number Plate Recognition Framework on mobile devices.

Best regards, Tuan Nguyen and Don Nguyen and Phu Nguyen

The UIT Ubicom Research Group Website: (under construction)