Alexa Skill to quiz you on GATE syllabus computer science topics
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DevMerge 2017 Hackathon

Problem Statement

Teaching assistent for helping you learn concepts in Computer Science.


We plan to scrap the quiz data from and build a quiz skill on Alexa for the first cut.

  • You can enter the quiz by saying "Alexa, start gate quiz"
  • Alexa then would guide you through various usages on how to start the quiz (on various topics like heap, binary trees, graph, recursion, sorting etc.)


The repository is configured as follows

  • infra - Contains infrastructure related scripts. Not to bring up but mostly to setup things. Currently this is hosted on DO by manually bringing up a droplet.
  • scrapper - Contains a NodeJS script (index.js) to convert a given Quiz URL (from to JSON with questions, options and the right answer. The scripts the output to STDOUT. We then load this into Mongo from which our alexa skill will read it.
  • alexa - Contains the Alexa skill server that serves as the backend for the skill. It runs on port 8153 and serves it on localhost:8153/alexa/.