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Kitchen Bento Setup

This is out of frustration with mitchellh/vagrant#5492. This setup helps you get the base CentOS 6.6 box from Opscode install custom stuff and re-package it for using them with KitchenCI. For some unknown reasons running vagrant package works but re-packaging after that doesn't seem to work. This is an attempt at automating that and also provides clear visibility on what all gets pre-installed in the test environment that needs attention on the production machines.

To build the box

Since we run all our setup as part of provisioning process, it is enough if you just do vagrant up. For convience I've also added which looks for any existing VMs, destroy them and launches a new one and creates a opscode-centos-66-v${VERSION}.box file. VERSION is from VERSION file.

Everytime you make some changes please run It builds and increments the VERSION file.


I would love to use Packer for this, but mitchellh/packer#869 prevents me :(