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Personal Notes from RootConf 2016.

Day 1

  1. Moving to Mesos from Bare Metal Servers - service - Notes - Video
  2. Chaos Engineering and design patterns for building highly available services - Notes - Video
  3. On The Building Of A Postgres Cluster - Slides
  4. Building for Disasters: approach to robust systems - Notes
  5. How TV newsrooms work and what you can learn from them - Notes - Video
  6. The webscale peace agreement or how Snapdeal is ending the battle between operations and developers - Video
  7. DTrace: Live Tracing of Unix Systems - Video
  8. 7 Pitfalls for DevOps in Enterprises - Video

Day 2

  1. Continuous deployment at Scale - Notes
  2. Lessons from database failures - Notes
  3. Design patterns in Microservices using Gilmour - Notes
  4. Working in and with Open Source Communities - Notes
  5. Handling logs, events and metrics using Heka - Notes

This is by no means a comprehensive notes. Most of them were written as speakers were speaking and some of them were based on personal interactions with them after their talk. If you find any typos or have more notes from various talks or improve any of the existing ones, please send them as PRs. I'll be happy to merge them in.


Notes from RootConf 2016



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