FastHOG library that has been fixed to work with CUDA 5.x on Ubuntu 12.04
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The original FastHOG source files can be obtained here. These source files do not compile under any recent version of CUDA on Ubuntu (or any Linux distribution).

These source files were fixed to compile with CUDA 5.5 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Steps to compile and use this version of FastHOG:

  1. Install CUDA 5.5 or a recent version.
  2. Install libxinerama-dev and libfreeimage-dev.
  3. Build and install the 2.0 branch of FLTK. Instructions to do this can be found here.
  4. cd source/fastHOG and build using make.
  5. Run the sample FastHOG program using bin/release/fastHOG. (Note that it has to be run from this directory, else it fails.) A picture of pedestrians is displayed. Click anywhere on it to detect the people.