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An attempt to write small programs (eg -algorithms) in a functional way.
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An attempt to write small programs in a functional way. For eg - implementing sorting algorithms like merge sort, dynamic programming to solve 'n-dice' problem etc. Sure, some of the implementations are not optimal yet. But the idea is to collaborate and make them optimal while still trying to keep functions free of side effects and using immutable data structures.


The goal is to make people feel comfortable with the concepts of functional programming. Many of the programmers have encountered these algorithms and programs in their academics and interviews. The familiarity of the problems can really make it easier and interesting to comprehend the solutions.


I started out with Scala to implement these programs. But recently included a programs in clojure too and people have started contributing in Haskell too!. Feel free to contribute in any functional language.


You would need sbt for Scala, leiningen for Clojure and cabal for Haskell installed.

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