Loadwatch.sh script to monitor linux servers and email warning & diagnostics when load exceeds set value
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Email notification + diagnostics emailed when a preset server load is triggered.

  • loadwatch_cpanel.sh - for WHM/cPanel servers running on Centos
  • loadwatch_ubuntu.sh - ubuntu servers running nginx


Using git + our init script:

This is the fastest way to get up and running. Let us handle the installation for you!

cd /root; git clone https://github.com/getresults/loadwatch.git;
cd loadwatch
sh bin/loadwatch_cpanel.sh --init

Using git:

cd /root
git clone https://github.com/getresults/loadwatch.git
cd loadwatch/bin
cp loadwatch_cpanel.sh loadwatch.sh
chmod u+x loadwatch.sh
chmod u+x thirdparty/mysqltuner.pl

To install loadwatch.sh manually:

mkdir /root/loadwatch
mkdir /root/loadwatch/bin/
touch /root/loadwatch/bin/loadwatch.sh
chmod u+x /root/loadwatch/bin/loadwatch.sh
vim /root/loadwatch/bin/loadwatch.sh

Copy and paste the contents of the correct loadwatch.sh into vim and save.

Copy loadwatch_ubuntu.sh to loadwatch.sh if on an Ubuntu based server


Edit loadwatch.sh and set the LOAD level and EMAIL address you want to use for notifications.

For a single CPU server using '4' for the load level is fairly typical.

Set up Cron

Next, edit your crontab and insert the entry below which will run loadwatch.sh every 20 minutes to check server load and generate a report of the load is over the set threshold.

crontab -e  

*/3 * * * * /root/loadwatch/bin/loadwatch.sh > /dev/null 2>&1

Make sure the loadwatch script is set to 700 permissions.


Log files are not deleted or trimmed currently and will continue growing over time.


  • An awesome LiquidWeb.com staff member who gave me a copy of the base script.


  • Use at your own risk - no warranty or support is provided.


  • Output error if no EMAIL is specified
  • Automatic deletion of log files in /root/loadwatch after 30 days?
  • List of required packages
  • Improve Ubuntu version to match 'sar' type reporting if possible.
    • Test : find /root/loadwatch -name "loadwatch-log*" -type f -mtime +30 -delete (UNTESTED - DON'T USE!)
    • How? : limit checklog to 1000 lines? Size check, head -1000 to new file, replace old file?
  • Add nginx / typical ubuntu email agent debug info to loadwatch_ubuntu.sh
  • Add brief info paragraphs to each section of the report so that users have a better idea of what is being displayed.
  • Look for ways to expand the script to provide more relevant info