Passion Project (#6) for @thisismetis coursework, a game inventory app. #UXFED #Fall2014 #BootCamp
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Game Inventory App

Project 6 for the @ThisIsMetis UX & Front-End Development Fall 2014 BootCamp.


For my passion project, I will use the entire project design process to develop a prototype for a mobile-first, responsive game inventory app.

I've been playing video games since I was about 2. Throughout the years, I've amassed a large collection across multiple generations of consoles and devices. I tend to lose track of my purchases over time, and have unintentionally purchased duplicates on more than on occasion.

This app is intended for gaming enthusiasts like me who want to keep better track of their game collection, leaving the manual, boring, text-based process of spreadsheets behind!

This prototype of the app will show how the user can:

  • View their entire game collection.
  • View a single game in their collection.
  • Add a game to their inventory.
  • Edit meta data for a game in their inventory.
  • Remove a game from their inventory.

Design Process

Discovery & Strategy

  1. Talk to Potential Users: I will speak with other game enthusiasts about how they currently maintain an inventory, if any, to discover which data is most valuable to them.
  2. Research: I will look at existing apps with this functionality.
  3. User Flow: A diagram showing how the user will interact with the app.
  4. Wireframes: Basic sketches and wireframes to determine the structure of the app.

Visual Design

  1. Mood Board: I will collect images of similar apps to develop the look and feel of the app.
  2. Mockups: I will design the app in high fidelity in Sketch 3.

Front-End Development

I will develop the app using a combination of HTML, CSS (with Sass), JavaScript, and jQuery.