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PayDollar/PesoPay/SiamPay Payment plugin for Opencart

Use PayDollar/PesoPay/SiamPay plugin for Opencart to offer ALL payments option.


Please download the latest plugin version. Download


The plugin integrates Opencart with PayDollar/PesoPay/SiamPay payment gateway with All payment method.


This plugin supports Opencart version and higher.


  1. Upload the content to the correct folder structure.
    • The Paydollar Payment Module for OpenCart contains \ folder which has to be uploaded to the platforms root directory.
    • Originally, OpenCart has <root-directory>/ for the front store and <root-directory>/ /admin for the admin site. However, if the folder name has changed, you will need to upload the content in \ to the correct folder structure. Eg: <root-directory>/<new-folder-name>
  2. Check the payment module at the admin site. (Home -> Extensions -> Payment)
  3. Install the module and configure the payment setting

Setup the Datafeed URL on PayDollar/PesoPay/SiamPay

  1. Login to your PayDollar/PesoPay/SiamPay account.
  2. After login, Go to left sidebar on Profile > Profile Settings > Payment Options.
  3. Click the “Enable” radio and set the datafeed URL on “Return Value Link” and click the “Update” button. The datafeed URL should be like this:
  4. On the confirmation page, review your changes then click the “Confirm button”.


Opencart documentation


If you have a feature request, or spotted a bug or a technical problem, create a GitHub issue. For other questions, contact our Customer Service.


MIT license. For more information, see the LICENSE file.