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asiekierka's mod of fragmer's server, fCraft. the source will probably be unstable, in case you want a stable version, you can download the old binaries
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afCraft, asie's buggy mod of fCraft!

WireWorld (requires SwitchLogic permission):
/logic - turn WireWorld mode on/off
/logic3d - turn 3D wireworld mod on/off

Physics (requires ControlPhysics permission):
/physics - turn physics on/off
/phyadd [block name/ID] - make a block use finite physics
/phyrem [block name/ID] - make a block NOT use finite physics
/phychk [block name/ID] - check if a block uses finite physics
/wamode (0/1/2) - change water mode:
0 - none
1 - infinite - water/lava is infinite
2 - finite - water/lava is finite and slippy (asiekierka's algorithm)
/rwater - place real (moving) water
/rlava - place real (moving) lava

/phymode [block name/ID] [mode] - change a block's mode:

The mode is a hard thing to edit, becuase it's bitwise.

if you know bits, follow.

the mode:

a - fall into lava: 0 - yes, 1 - no
b - fall into water: 0 - yes, 1 - no
ccc - slippiness chance: 000 - 1/8, 111 - 8/8
d - slippiness (like water, which does 1/96 chance): 0 - off, 1 - on
e - finite mode on/off (changed by phyadd/phyrem, phymode does not touch it)

ItemEntities (requires PlaceItemEntity permission):
/ieadd [itementity's name] (params...) - Places ItemEntities of a type/stops placing them, params are optional depending on the ItemEntity.
/ierem - Removes/stops removing ItemEntities by placing/removing blocks where they are.


WaterGen - generates water at the top of self
LavaGen - generates lava at the top of self
BlockGen [block ID/name] - generates a block at the top of self
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