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Boorushy2 is an image gallery/booru engine designed by asiekierka, aiming for a simple UI without the plague of hundreds of features that current engines have.


  • Simple user interface focusing on the content (images) and not the buttons
  • Custom, fast Redis-based database with caching - fast!
  • Asynchronous file/URL upload with background image optimization to ensure the smallest filesizes at no quality loss
  • Simple batch upload UI with automatic DeviantART data fill
  • A full-featured, sophisticated tag search engine
  • Tag and author clouds
  • Built-in social button functionality that respects your freedom
  • Configurable and styleable as much as you want


  1. Install the dependencies: node.js and Redis. (Tested with node.js 0.8.x, 0.10.x and Redis 2.6.x. YMMV)

  2. Download the Boorushy2 repository.

  3. Create the config.json file and edit it based on config-default.json. Don't forget to:

    • SET A REASONABLY RANDOM SALT - otherwise the server won't start up.
    • Change the port to 80 (if you want)
    • Change the admin password.
    • Review all the settings two or three times. Also, please modify config.json and not config-default.json.
  4. Install all the necessary dependencies:

     $ npm install
  5. Double-check that the Redis database server is running, then launch Boorushy2:

     $ node app