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#AzureAustin - 20140917

Code presented at AzureAustin 20140917.

Azure Search and Azure DocumentDB

An attempt to use Azure Search as a search first experience to navigate a product catalog stored in Azure DocumentDB.

Slides / Task List

  • Both search and db are in "preview"
    • Can be found here
  • Create Azure Search instance
    • shared or standard?
    • standard supports dedicated resource that can be scaled based on workload
    • shared is free and is solely meant for testing
    • shared == no performance guarantees
    • pricing
      • partitions == document counts (size)
      • replicas == performance (query load)
      • free vs standard below
      • 50 MB free, 25 GB per unit
      • queries per second N/A for free, 15 per unit
      • 10000 documents, 3 index limit for free, 15m per unit 50 index limit
      • scale out limits N/A for free, up to 36 units
      • price per unit per hour free, .168 cents per hour
    • performance

    • HA requires a minimum of 3 replicas (3 copies of the same index)
    • REST API (no SDK):
    • !!Security is limited to api-key in HTTP header!!
    • Simple query syntax:
  • Create Azure DocumentDB instance
    • Has SDK
    • Uses auth key to connect
    • Throughput == more partitions
    • Pricing
      • 73 cents per day per unit
      • 2000 request units per second per capacity unit
      • 10gb per capacity unit
      • 5 standard capacity units while in preview
    • Performance
      • Operations per second per capacity unit (TPS)
      • 2000tps for single document read
      • 500tps for insert, replace, delete of single document
      • 1000tps for simple predicate query returning a single document
  • Populate the DocumentDB with data
    • (no more than 10,000 documents)
  • Populate the Azure Search instance with data
    • (no more than 10,000 documents)
    • explain difference between more partitions