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Birthday Reminder

This module helps to send birthday reminder to all DB members. Currently this module allows you to send reminder using email, sms and hangout messages.


$ git clone
$ cd bdayreminder


In-order to setup all the available services of this module, you need to update config.ini with your GMAIL and WAY2SMS credentials.

Install Requirements

- Create your seperate virtual env and activate it
- Install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt


$ python3 bdayreminder/ --help

usage: Birthday Reminder [-h]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

        Choices supports the following:
        syncdb              - Creates new sqlite DB with person table
        loadsampledata      - Loads sample data from db/
        loadexceldata       - loads excel data from db/data/yourexcel.xlsx
        runallreminders     - Run reminder for email, sms and hangout
        runemailreminder    - Run reminder with only email
        runsmsreminder      - Run reminder with only sms
        runhangoutreminder  - Run reminder with only hangout message

Init DB

Use the below command to create sqlite DB with Person.

$ python3 bdayreminder/ syncdb

Load Sample Data

Update the bdayreminder/db/ for your own sample data and then run the below command.

$ python3 bdayreminder/ loadsampledata

Send Email Reminder

Run the below command to send Email reminder

$ python3 bdayreminder/ runemailreminder

Send Hangout Reminder

Run the below command to send hangout reminder

$ python3 bdayreminder/ runhangoutreminder

Send SMS Reminder

Run the below command to send sms reminder

$ python3 bdayreminder/ runsmsreminder

Send all reminders

Run the below script to send reminders using email, sms and hangout:

$ python3 bdayreminder/ runallreminders


Package to send birthday reminder from email, SMS and hangout




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