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Doc - quick cheat sheet on setting up Openfire XMPP.

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+# Openfire XMPP setup
+This document goes over my experience attempting to set up the Openfire XMPP server. It wasn't easy, pay attention.
+## Initial steps
+- Download the RPM for the latest version of Java, or yum/apt-get it, as you wish. [RPMs here](
+- Download the RPM for Openfire and install here. [RPM here](
+- Install PostgreSQL, follow [Linode's excellent instructions](
+- Create a database called `openfire` use `\l /usr/local/openfire/resources/database/openfire_postgresql.sql` to create the necessary tables.
+- Make sure you enable PostgreSQL to allow connections over IP. Create a new user, grant it password access to this box over IP.
+- Actual use this IP connection, check it works.
+- Go to `http://localhost:9090`, this is the Openfire admin panel. By default when you start off you get a setup wizard. If you mess up and want to go back through the wizard add `<setup>true</setup>` to `/usr/local/openfire/conf/openfire.xml`.
+- TODO Oddly enough Openfire will claim the PostgreSQL connection works but then revert to the embedded database. I need to figure this out.
+## More!
+- Admin panel default username is `admin`, password `admin`.
+- Add a user via the admin panel, log in via a client like [Ignite Spark]( This should work.
+- At this point you'll notice your user's domain name is "". This is annoying, and will really upset programming APIs that expect the domain name to be usable over a remote socket. To change this, go to the Openfire admin panel, -> Server -> Server Manager -> Server Properties, set `xmpp.domain` to `domain.fqdn`.
+- Use a library like [Python Wokkel]( and explicitly confirm that you can log in as `username@domain.fqdn`.
+So far this works for me, pretty exciting.

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