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UPDATE: A different person has taken a deeper stab at 5e conversion system and it's worth looking at:

Unfinished and abandoned per creator:

Reddit thread where /u/Ubiquity4321 turned over the document:

GMBinder Source Code for a popular unfinished 5e conversion of Spelljammer:

The list of to-dos before abandonment:

List from to-do link:

Fix stations
    Magic officer
    First Mate
change size of images that the guy talked about on reddit
add in pets rules - crew benefits: morale booster, sanity/homesickness aid, and perception aid
lifejammer clarification
sequence helm clarification
designing ships
add in "A note about RPing or combat with NPC ships"
random NPC ship
put in other ships
add "flag raised" to ship page
teleporting between ships
repairing ships and tonnage
Remove Flyby, maybe make MO ability

Notes from the Treantmonk:

Balance and stuffs
    ship repair
        Use existing repair model from 5e DMG
        add hit dice stat and divide by 4.5 to get hit dice for ships
        airship - 66 hit dice, short rest/long rest rules
        short rest - away from dock, long rest - at dock only
        long rest only at civilized port, and able to recover hit dice

    describe each ship in a paragraph or two
    reach to the community and try to get someone to donate artwork, to keep creative commons/free art theme

Crew members
    Change stats for the crew - make each one of them different
    green crew is good, don't change
    make trained crew stats better
        give other proficiencies - proficency in the weapons and armor they're using
        up the AC with better armor and give them proficency
    make crack crew really good, maybe base stats off for a knight
        give them expertise in vehicles
        increase physical stats
        better hit dice
        even better armor, half-plate or something
        a ship being repaired by crack crew, repair takes even less time
        A lot of docks need guarding. Crew is kept busy when in dock. Maintenance and stuff - refilling the hit dice
        standard practice is to keep an "away team"

    90% the way it is
    scale back first mate, give bonuses not blanket advantage
    add in general actions anyone can take, little bonuses, feel like something is better than nothing

    Remove instantaneous double damage for fire spells, maybe just a +1 dice or something.

    Hex vs square
        Facing sorta needs to happen
        Have "standard" be square, use alternate for hexes
        With a square grid, your first facing is free and every other facing costs cost one speed point
        Alternate rules for hex grids - Take out adding the 1 free movement for square grids - all hex facings changes cost one movement

Helms are insanely expensive - soften costs for helms - or - - material costs for create helm include the phrase "which the spell consumes" - have it use gold dust or diamond worth 1000gp or something similar - or both - - Helms - very rare - pg 135 dmg - like 25k gp or something similar - create helm - concentration up to a day - add costs for everything else

For 30 Hull Points worth of repair - With an unskilled peasant hitting wood with a hammer and jamming it in the boat with straw and tar, that's 30 days and 500gp. With a skilled laborer doing it herself out in the wilderness with tools and resources it's 30 hours and 750 gp of materials. With the same skilled laborer and a Mending cantrip - 15 hours and 750 gp of materials; With a 4th level Fabricate it's 10 hours and 750 gp of materials. At a port, it's 1500 gp and 30 hours, and you are free to do whatever you want in town cause the ship is being fixed by other people.

Include rules how to build a vessel as a second supplement

Pgs 128-129 has costs for a stronghold and making magic items

use ship stuff from


GMBinder Source Code for a popular unfinished 5e conversion of spelljammer






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