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An Ivy interface to the Feedwrangler RSS service


This package requires that you manually retrieve your access token by using the curl command on this page:

Once you have an access token add your credentials to your authinfo file with the following fields:

Field Value
login account email address
password token

It should look something like this: machine login EMAIL password TOKEN


The package exposes the ivy-feedwrangler function, M-x ivy-feedwrangler.

Pressing enter on a post opens the default browser. There are a couple additional key commands:

Key Command
x Mark selected post as read
X Mark all posts as read
r Save as unread in pinboard
p View post body in a buffer

Note: that these commands should work in the default ivy interface as well as in a ivy-occur buffer.

Add item to

To be able to save the selected item to add another entry to authinfo for pinboard like so:

Field Value
login pinboard username
password pinboard API token from here.

This entry will look like:

machine login username password username:API_TOKEN.

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