This repository contains files and links to helpful data science reference material.
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This repository contains files and links to helpful data science reference material.

People to follow

Hadley Wickham co-author of R for Data Science and main contributor to the Tidyverse.Webiste:

Yihui Xie, website Author of Blogdown. An R implementation for building static websites. My personal website is built using this platform

Garret Grolemund co-author of R for Data Science

Jake Vanderplas Python Guru. Personal website Author of Python Data Science Handbook.

Daniel Emaasit Emaasit Data Scientist from Tanzania

Xander Horn Data Scientist based in South Africa. Involved in investments and portfolio optimization research.

Michael Galarnyk Data Scientist. He maintains a reach collection of data science materials which covers data science courses from Coursera and tutorials on Python data analysis environment set-up. Follow his Youtube channel for exciting video tutorials.

Joel Grus Python data science book author. You can access his book at his website:

Wes Mckinney Pandas library author. His website:

Ramnath Vaidyanathan His main focus is on interactive visualisation with implementation in JavaScript and R.

David Robinson Chief Data Scientist at DataCamp. Personal blog: [].

Youtube Tutorials

DataCamp channel Here you will find free videos on introduction to R, Python and Statistics.

Data to Insight course - Chris Wild Free course on steps to tranform your data into insight.

Intro to Data Science with R - Dave Langer

Statistics knowledge with R - Mike Marin

Online learning platforms

DataCamp Probably the best online data science learning platform. You get free intro courses to R, Python, git, shell scripting and SQL.

Coursera Great resource fror Data science courses from reputable institutions.

Intro to paython for Data Science - edx