Created a set of GUI based programs in Java swing that allow multiple people to connect and send messages to one another. Used socket programming in Java to implement the client/server model. Messages were encrypted and decrypted using RSA and were blocked to optimize runtime.
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This is the file for Project 5 for CS 342 - Networked Chat with RSA Encryption/Decryption

This project is a Network Chat that contains a set of GUI based programs and that will allow multiple people to connect together and send encrypted messages to a specific connected person. The team members for this project are Margi Katwala (, Aditya Sinha (, and Bushra Baqui ( Since there are two main components to this project, we are going to assign the creation of the user interface along with the chat portion to one team member while the other works on the RSA encryption and decryption of the messages that are sent. This project will be the first iteration of this product and therefore can be considered as version 1.0.

**To run, you must run the server driver first and then the client drivers.

**In order to have the program generate random prime numbers for the user, you must input "-1" into the text boxes to initiate the file chooser option.

**To exit the network chat, you must hit the "x" located at the top right corner of the window (top left for mac OS).