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EOSIO sql database plugin
C++ CMake
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EOSIO plugin to register blockchain data into an SQL database supported by SOCI ( )

You need to compile EOSIO from source: additional plugins are linked statically

on ubuntu 18.04 install the package libsoci-dev

$ sudo apt install libsoci-dev

add the following param on EOSIO cmake execution:


compile and run.

$ nodeos --help

Config Options for eosio::sql_db_plugin:
  --sql_db-queue-size arg (=256)        The queue size between nodeos and SQL 
                                        DB plugin thread.
  --sql_db-block-start arg (=0)         The block to start sync.
  --sql_db-uri arg                      Sql DB URI connection string If not 
                                        specified then plugin is disabled. 
                                        Default database 'EOS' is used if not 
                                        specified in URI.
  --sql_db-schema schema (=public)      Sql DB Schema setting string
                                        Enabled for PostgreSQL only.
                                        Defaults to 'public'.
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