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Chiliproject migration to Redmine

ChiliProject to Redmine migration howto and resources by Christian Daehn (c) ASinteg GmbH.

Source system:

  • Ruby 1.8.7 + Rails 3.2.16
  • ChiliProject 3.9.0
  • MySQL DB
  • Apache2 with Passenger
  • Debian 7 Wheezy

Destination System:

  • Ruby 1.8.7 + Rails 3.2.16
  • Redmine 2.4.1
  • MySQL DB
  • Apache2 with Passenger
  • Debian 7 Wheezy

To migrate from ChiliProject 3.x back to Redmine 2.1 we used the guide provided by:

But we faced with several problems which can be solved with this howto and resources provided here.

Update: There's a new Ruby script, which seems to do the same sql database migration task as the Java tool chili-to-redmine:


After the database migration the following problems occurred:

  • old/obsolete paths containing /chiliproject/
  • viewing issue details caused internal server errors (template parsing errors)
  • plugins broke (ChiliProject uses Rails 2.x, but Redmine 2.1 Rails 3.x)
  • themes broke (CSS ids changed and CP menu structure is incompatible to Redmine)

Further: The wiki history couldn't be migrated the Java tool - so all wiki histories are gone.

Preparation Steps

For this guide the following file system structure is assumed:

/var/www/chiliproject/ -> link to /var/chiliproject/public/
/var/www/redmine/ -> link to /var/redmine/public/

The Apache2 with mod passenger runs as user www-data and has DocumentRoot /var/www/.

To run the Java based ChiliToRedmine database migration tool, the openjdk-6-jre is needed under Debian - for other OS any Java JRE of version 6 or higher is needed.

Redmine 2.1 or 2.4 ???

We strictly followed the Chili-to-Redmine guide and used Redmine 2.1.0 and after the migration updated to Redmine 2.4.1 - which worked without erros.

But Redmine 2.1 has some issues with the mysql backend - because in Rails 3.x this backend is mysql2. So if you use Redmine 2.4, there all database and Gemfile entries already use mysql2 as database backend and you don't have to struggle with manually editing database.yml and the Gemfile.

But: We can't give any guarantee that it works - but it should do (in theory) ;-)

Migration Steps

  1. Stop the Apache2 server

  2. Install Redmine 2.1.0 (or higher),
    for this guide we use the svn checkout to /var/redmine-2.4/ and made a symlink to /var/redmine/
    and created the database redmine inside MySQL

  3. (for Redmine 2.1 only) Edit the Redmine Gemfile /var/redmine/Gemfile
    and change the section with :mysql to :mysql2, because only mysql2 runs flawlessly with Rails 3.x -
    otherwise you'll get errors during rake db:migrate etc.

  4. Edit the Redmine config /var/redmine/config/database.yml and change the databade backend from mysql to mysql2
    (same reasons/problems as mentioned in step 3) and create a copy named database-migration.yml where the database backend still is mysql (needed for the Java migration tool)

  5. Finish Redmine installation, change the Apache2/passenger config from /var/chiliproject/ to /var/redmine/ etc. so now Apache2 runs Redmine instead of ChiliProject

  6. Start Apache2 and test the basic Redmine install, then stop Apache2 again

  7. Backup the ChiliProject database and create a sqldump:
    mysqldump -u root -p chiliproject >/tmp/dbdump_chiliproject.sql

  8. We had some issue descriptions containing some examples for UTF codes which broke the migration: \xXX - so we had to replace these invalid UTF codes e.g. by XXX (UTF-8 Hex) in all entried of table journals with:
    perl -i -pe 's/\XXX (UTF-8 Hex)/XXX (UTF-8 Hex)/g' dump.sql

  9. Replace all /chiliproject/ urls to /redmine/ inside the database dump with:
    perl -i -pe 's/\/chiliproject\//\/redmine\//g' /tmp/dbdump_chiliproject.sql

  10. Ensure that your Redmine installation still works and has default data loaded (see Redmine install howtos)

  11. Import the /tmp/dbdump_chiliproject.sql into the redmine database, e.g. by executing these commands inside MySQL:
    USE redmine; SOURCE /tmp/dbdump_chiliproject.sql
    and run the Redmine database migration:
    rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

  12. Run the SQL commands described in the Chili-to-Redmine guide:

    ALTER TABLE wiki_contents ADD comments VARCHAR(250) NULL, CHANGE COLUMN lock_version version INTEGER(11);
    ALTER TABLE journals
        CHANGE COLUMN journaled_id journalized_id INTEGER(11),
        CHANGE COLUMN activity_type journalized_type VARCHAR(255),
        CHANGE COLUMN created_at created_on DATETIME;
    UPDATE journals SET journalized_type='Issue' WHERE    journalized_type='issues';
    ALTER TABLE journals CHANGE COLUMN changes changes_chili TEXT NULL, DROP COLUMN type, DROP COLUMN version;
    ALTER TABLE trackers ADD COLUMN fields_bits INT(11) NULL DEFAULT '0';
    ALTER TABLE repositories
        ADD COLUMN is_default TINYINT(1) NULL DEFAULT '0';
    ALTER TABLE workflows
    ALTER TABLE auth_sources
        CHANGE COLUMN custom_filter filter VARCHAR(255) NULL DEFAULT NULL,
        ADD COLUMN `timeout` INT(11) NULL DEFAULT NULL;
  13. Change into /var/redmine dir and execute the Java database migration tool ChiliToRedmine:
    java -jar ChiliToRedmine.jar config/database-migration.yml

  14. Fix conversion issues of the migration tool by running the sql command:
    UPDATE journal_details SET value='' WHERE value='(undefined)';

  15. Delete the new table changes_parents by:
    DROP TABLE changes_parents;
    otherwise you'll get errors running the database migration

  16. Fix bad date anchor fields from Chili not supported in Redmine:

    UPDATE redmine_dev.journal_details SET value=null WHERE (prop_key = 'due_date' OR prop_key = 'start_date') AND (value = '*id001' OR value = '(unknown)');
    UPDATE redmine_dev.journal_details SET value=replace(value, '&id001 ', '') WHERE (prop_key = 'due_date' OR prop_key = 'start_date') AND value like '&id001 %';
  17. Change owner of /var/redmine/ to www-data

  18. Start Apache2 and test Redmine


Due to the fact that ChiliProject still uses Rails 2.x usually all plugins won't work in Redmine - you have to download/install newer versions of them or port them to Rails 3.x.

For Redmine 2.x all plugins now reside in /var/redmine/plugins/ and not any more in ../vendor/plugins/ like in ChiliProject.


Christian Daehn (c) ASinteg GmbH, Schwerin (Germany) 2014

You are free to modify & distribute this document under the MIT license.


Chiliproject to Redmine migration howto and resources







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