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Web Management Interface for Kamailio (SER) SIP Server
Release changelogs
+++ SIREMIS v4.4.0 :: 2017-05-18
* added missing columns when viewing location records
* fixes for public registration form
* quote db identifiers for sql operations
* increased the ipaddr column size in event_log table
* converted files from dos line ending to unix style
+++ SIREMIS v4.3.0 :: 2016-11-26
* compatibility with PHP7
* options to install for Apache 2.2 or 2.4
* updated default datetime fields to work with MySQL 5.7
* commented explicit set of timezone in template
+++ SIREMIS v4.2.0 :: 2015-02-02
* use database connection attributes as in Kamailio v4.2.x
* git repository moved at
* added three level menu options
* menu entries for pages related to the same module are groupped
on the 3rd level
* added jsonrpc command panel
* imported openbiz files inside git repository
* updated to smarty 2.6.28
* added config template for apache 2.4
* embedded lightweight jsonrpc client library, requires php curl library
* handle db driver specific quotations for identifiers (fix for postgress)
* fixed wrong html in input field for xmlrpc form
* store 'no result' text in $sHTML to be sent out for xmlrpc form
* license for Asipto extensions set to GPLv2 or later
+++ SIREMIS v4.1.0 :: 2014-03-25
* use database connection attributes as in Kamailio v4.1.x
* added rtpproxy table management
* added mohqueues table management
* added mohqcalls table management
* added mtree commands to MI panel drop-down list
* email_address field is optional when adding new subscriber
* added as default domain
* few more fixes and small adjustments
+++ SIREMIS v4.0.0 :: 2013-05-08
* use database connection attributes as in Kamailio v4.0.x
* added location_atts table management (usrloc module)
* added sca_subscriptions table management (sca module)
* added permissions address commands to XMLRPC panel drop-down list
* added permissions address commands to MI panel drop-down list
* few more fixes and small adjustments
+++ SIREMIS v3.3.0 :: 2012-09-06
* use png format for top banner
* use png format to login banner
* updated domain table management to handle did column
* added domain_attrs table management
* updated the lcr module views to match db schema for Kamailio v3.3.0
* updated location views to handle gruu columns
* updated dialog views for v3.3.0
* relaxed IP address size constraints to work with IPv6
+++ SIREMIS v3.2.1 :: 2012-06-07
* automatically created users member and guests are disabled by default
* the user roles were updated to: administrator, sipadmin and sipuser
* registration page creates a SIP user with same username as for SIREMIS
* new users added via registration page are created with sipuser role
* SER Admin tab title renamed to SIP Admin
* SIP Admin tab is accessible only for users having administrator or sipadmin
* new tab SIP User that allows profile management for users with sipuser
* the SIP User tab gives access to SIP data, such as subscriber profile,
speed dial rules, view of aliases, location or accounting details
* configuration option for public registration - default is disabled
* version set to 3.2.1 - the last to be released with compatibility to
Kamailio v3.2.x
+++ SIREMIS v3.2.0 :: 2011-12-14
* versioning changed to match first digits to Kamailio compatible version
* compatible with Kamailio v3.2.x
* added new field (time_us) to SIPTrace view pages
* added tools to generate new management pages for kamailio/ser modules
* make toolsx - prepare for using the tools to generate new ser modules
* new ser management module - srv/uacreg - manage remote registration records
* lcr view updated to match database schema for kamailio 3.2
* added dst_ouser column to acc and cdrs table
* statistics table updated to match the charts
* table and stored procedure for rating calls
* billing_rates - the table to keep rates per prefixes
* updated the options for dispatcher flags
* added dispatcher search form
* added view for dialog_vars table
* extended the list of MI commands in select box
* select box for setting white/blacklist type for userblacklist forms
* listbox with domains from domain table for userblacklist records
* added view for globalblacklist from userblacklist module
* added acc stats view and config file for ChartsStatsAccForm
* number of hours to fetch records for in acc charts is configurable
* added acc records summary view
* configurable acc summary parameters
* use select box for key and value type of htable items
* speeddial short dial domain is selected from domain table
* avpops takes the domain values from domain table
* listbox with domains from domain table for uri_db records
* added pick form for usernames in subscriber table
* use subscriber pick form to select the username of alias_db records
* use picker form for usernames in userblacklist
* pickerform for usernames in grp records
* select boxes for enabled and stopper fields in lcr_rules records
* use edit combobox for group name in group edit forms
- preconfigured group names can be added in
* attribute name can be selected from an edit combobox for user preferences
- preconfigured values can be added in
* use picker form for username field in avpops usr_preferences
* hide ha1 and ha1b fields in subscriber edit forms
* added management page for mtree tables
* micmds view can take cmd id via http url param
* button to jump to SIP Server command pannel to reload dispatcher records
* added sip server reload button to pdt list view
* source domain in pdt can be selected from the records of domain table
* added search page for pdt records
* make command to remove/restore install lock file
* XMLRPC commands panel can take the id of command from HTTP parameter
* extended the list of XMLRPC commands in select box
+++ SIREMIS v2.1.0 :: 2011-11-23
* compatible with Kamailio v3.1.x
* fixed LCR input field types
* detect eval() errors
* set default dispatcher flags to 0
* set default permissions address port to 0
* set input text for permissions fields considered checkbox
* updates to user roles and redirections
* added new RLS pages
* enhancements to dispatcher pages
* user interface element changes (ckeditor usage)
* added new PUA pages
* updated access restrictions of pages
* fix install error when siremis cannot access the kamailio database
* added make tar option to generate the tarball
+++ SIREMIS v2.0.0 :: 2010-11-01
* updated to work with Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.1.0
* major refactoring of web interface
* better accessibility
* simplified menu structure
* new look
* dashboard with the map of all available tools
* developed on top of Cubi and PHPOpenBiz v2.4
* web installation wizard
* added new modules: xcap, dialog, new lcr
* usage of separate database for siremis itself
* managment of users that can login to siremis
* management of menu can be done from web interface
* building Apache conf and htaccess file can be done by Makefie
* charts to monitor location transport layers
+++ SIREMIS v1.0.1 :: 2010-09-14
* default init page is home.php instead of login.php
* fixed missing lcr_id column for LCR GW table
+++ SIREMIS v1.0.0 :: 2010-01-18
* updated to work with Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.0.0
* updated Least Cost Routing GW form
* updated Least Cost Routing LCR form
* upgraded openbiz to latest 2.3 branch
* upgraded Zend framework to 1.9.7
* upgraded Phpmailer to 5.1
* upgraded Smarty to 1.6.26
* upgraded OFC to 2.0 Lug Wyrm Charmer
* created Makefile
* added misc dir to hold for now the patch for openbiz
* added patch to work with kamailio (openser) 1.5.x
* added user location statistics charts
* stats for user agents
* stats for supported SIP methods
* stats for aor, contacts and nat
* added support for sip_trace
* highlight first line and headers
* group per call-id
* updates of generic charts
* time x axis has hour:min labels
* updated for new area class
* support for area, line and line_dot (default line) charts
* default dot style set to size 3
* added support for presence server
* watchers, active watchers and presentity
* redirect to 'bin' with javascript and offer link
* auto generate (update) ha1 and ha1b values for subscriber table
+++ SIREMIS v0.9.4 :: 2009-10-01
* fixed metadata/Config.xml sample where "Default' connection was missing
resulting in JSON error
+++ SIREMIS v0.9.3 :: 2009-07-27
* communication with and SIP Express Router (SER) via
XMLRPC (RPC command interface)
* communication with FreeSwitch via event socket
* support to print rich html formatting of MI, XMLRPC and FreeSwitch
command response (config option)
* stand-alone PHP classes for MI, XMLRPC and FS Event Socket, alowing
further development easier
* output of commands can be filtered for nicer display (e.g, see FS
help, xmlrpc MI commands)
* MI, XMLRPC and FS Event Socket groupped under Cmds Panel tab
* updated phpopenbiz core
* fix for re groups db table
* link referencing on username between group view, db aliases view and
subscriber view
* more options to sort the views
* auto-suggestion for group name when adding a new record
+++ SIREMIS v0.9.2 :: 2009-02-19
* carrierroute module management
- management of carrierroute table
- management of carrierfailureroute table
- management of carrier_name table
- management of carrier_domain table
+++ SIREMIS v0.9.1 :: 2009-02-11
* send MI commands to Kamailio (OpenSER) via UDP
* display the output of a MI command
* ability to predefine MI commands that can be selected from a drop-down menu
* create graphic charts from statistic data
* one or more charts per page
* one or more graphics per chart
* no new coding required, only configuration changes required to add new charts
* drop-down selection for user AVP type
+++ SIREMIS v0.9.0 :: 2009-01-21
* initial public release
* main features:
- provides system and database administration tools for Kamailio (OpenSER)
- subscriber, database aliases and speed dial management
- location table view
- dispatcher, prefix-domain translation and least cost routing (lcr) management
- access control lists (user groups) and permissions management
- accounting records, missed calls and call data records view
- hash table, dial plan table and user preferences table management
- offline message storage view
- communication with Kamailio (OpenSER) via MI UDP sockets
- create and display charts from statistic data stored by Kamailio (OpenSER)