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Odroid-GO as a Sphero BB-8 remote control
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Odroid-GO as a Sphero BB-8 remote control

Simple program to transform you Odroid-GO into a remote control for Sphero BB-8.


  1. Download the Espressif IoT Development Framework fork for odroid go: git clone
  2. Set the environment variable to this directory: export IDF_PATH=<...>/esp-idf
  3. Setup the toolchain as described in the ESP-IDF Programming Guide. You should have updated your PATH environment variable to add the toolchain programs.
  4. Clone this repository and enter the created directory.
  5. Pull the submodules: git submodule init && git submodule update
  6. Compile: make
  7. Flash your odroid-go: make flash


Part of the code is by Antoine Sirinelli under the WTFPL.

I have used code snippets from the ESP-IDF examples and re-used some odroid-go specific codes from OtherCrashOverride.

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