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Wild Apricot Reports Manager
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Wild Apricot Reports Manager

Project Description

Wild Apricot is the #1 rated Membership Management platform that enables membership-based organizations to manage their contact database and all members transactions with ease. The system has many modules including events, membership renewals, donations and an online store. It also enables administrators to customize their contact and member database. Members and administrators are able to manipulate data such as membership status, event registration, online payments with ease.

The built in reporting system in Wild Apricot does not allow easy summarization and visualization of Wild Apricot member and contact transactions. The comprehensive real-time report capabilities in Google Data Studio are a perfect solution that helps administrators integrate Wild Apricot data with a variety of external analytical systems like Google Ads and Google Analytics. This project is a Google Data Studio community data connector built to retrieve data from Wild Apricot, which can be summarized and transformed in GDS to create user-friendly and real-time dashboard for Wild Apricot.

Data is fetched in real-time, securely using Wild Apricot's REST API.

The code is maintained by NewPath Consulting.


This community data connector is written in JavaScript and supports the following API calls.

  • Account
  • Members/Contacts
  • Membership Levels
  • Events
  • Invoices
  • Auditlog


This is a community connector, but it has not yet been published by Google as a public connector in the GDS connector repository.

To use the connector you can perform one of 2 procedures:


After the data source is configured you will be asked for a Wild Apricot API key. API keys can be created in the Wild Apricot administrative system under Settings/Integrations/Authorized Applications

Edit and Use your own copy of the Wild Apricot Reports Manager

  1. Visit Google Apps Script and create a new project.
  2. In the Apps Script development environment, select View > Show manifest file. Replace the contents of this file with the content of the src/appsscript.json file from this repository.
  3. For every .js file under src, you will need to create a file in Apps Scripts (File > New > Script File), then copy over the content from the repository.
  4. To use the Community Connector in Data Studio, follow the guide on Community Connector Developer site.

Sample Dashboard (Google Data Studio)

Sample Wild Apricot Report in PDF

Sample Wild Apricot Report in Google Data Studio (live)

Dashboards can be customized flexibly according to a report writers requirements using one or more data sources.


GDS Authentication Docs

GDS Community Connector Docs

GDS GitHub Repositories and Experiments

Wild Apricot API Documentation

Wild Apricot Product Description


  • v1.0 August 6 2019 - updated the INVOICES, EVENTS and MEMBERS endpoint to support a lot more information (custom fields not yet supported), support Stackdriver logging and global variable to turn off logging, regression tested auditlog and accounts. Added access to Membership Levels .
  • v1.1 September 10 2019 - added AccountID to every endpoint to track which Wild Apricot account (eg site) is providing the data. Updated connector manifest file to include the necessary data for publication into partner directory
  • v1.1.1 September 13 2019 - added a new config parameter collection screen with API key validation and step-by-step collection of config parameters depending on the end point being used
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