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Sometimes it get's woof - But you have to be even woofer!

Bo the dog

How I started

It was during my vacation end of August, when I heard about the js13kGame challenge. I love to travel, but this vacation I decided to develop my first game.

To get started I packed my stuff and went to my favorite library. It is not just a beautiful public space, it also has this really good and nice coffee bar.

I started brainstorming game ideas and at the same time learning how to code a javascript game. I was reading through the GitHub tips and tricks, where I found the amazing tutorial from Pablo Farias Navarro.

When I started to share my game ideas with my family and friends, from that point on, I felt like the challenge is really on.

My 5 take aways

1. 13k

Like probably everyone on this challenge I needed to learn how to be very careful with my kilobyte. I used to minify my js and my html code. However I never manage to get advzip to work. At the end I had to remove three pngs and instead created simple shapes with kontra.js.

2. Sound matters

I was really excited to learn the web audio API. That was quite a ride! From creating my first sound to integrating sound to my game. Probably one of the hardest challenges. I was super happy when I found the blogpost from Greg Hovanesyan: "Introduction to Web Audio API"

3. Try again

At the end, I was definitely getting a bit low on time. There wasn't any time to integrate features like a 'try again'-button or a nicer start and end experience. But while you're on the challenge there's always more to improve.

4. More levels

With what I learned, now I feel ready to add more levels to my game or bring "Bo the dog" to his next adventure.

5. Do it!

What ever you dream of doing in your live, even if you are a totally beginner, do it! I had so much fun developing this game and I feel full of energy for more. Read more in my README