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1 parent 50dc978 commit 7edda2926aa6c38fcef481c2d719218504fd4957 @asivitz committed Jan 10, 2012
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  1. +23 −6 after/syntax/objc.vim
@@ -13,6 +13,13 @@ syn match objcDirective '@synthesize\|@property\|@optional\|@required' display
syn keyword objcType IBOutlet IBAction Method
syn keyword objcConstant YES NO TRUE FALSE
+syn match parens /[(){}]/
+syn match braces /[\[\]]/
+syn match ops "[-&|+<>=*!~\;:]"
+"syn match atdec '@[[:alnum:]]*'
+syn match objcVarDeclType '\v\k+\s*\*'
syn region objcImp start='@implementation' end='@end' transparent
syn region objcHeader start='@interface' end='@end' transparent
@@ -29,12 +36,13 @@ syn match objcMethodArg ')\@<=\s*\k\+' contained containedin=objcMethod
" Matches "foo:" & "and:" in above
syn match objcMethodName '\(^\s*[-+]\s*(\_[^)]*)\)\@<=\_\s*\_\k\+' contained containedin=objcMethod
syn match objcMethodColon '\k\+\s*:' contained containedin=objcMethod
-syn match objcMethodParens /[(){}]/ contained containedin=objcMethod
+syn region objcMethodType start='(' end=')' contained containedin=objcMethod
+syn match objcMethodTypeName '\v\k+\s*\*?' contained containedin=objcMethodType
" Don't match these groups in cParen "(...)"
syn cluster cParenGroup add=objcMethodName,objcMethodArg,objcMethodColon
" This fixes a bug with completion inside parens (e.g. if ([NSString ]))
-syn cluster cParenGroup remove=objcMessage
+"syn cluster cParenGroup remove=objcMessage
" Matches "bar" in "[NSObject bar]" or "bar" in "[[NSObject foo: baz] bar]",
" but NOT "bar" in "[NSObject foo: bar]".
@@ -45,17 +53,26 @@ syn match objcMessageColon '\(\_\S\+\_\s\+\)\@<=\k\+\s*:' display
" Don't match these in this strange group for edge cases...
syn cluster cMultiGroup add=objcMessageColon,objcMessageName,objcMethodName,objcMethodArg,objcMethodColon
" You may want to customize this one. I couldn't find a default group to suit
" it, but you can modify your colorscheme to make this a different color.
-hi link objcMethodName Identifier
-hi link objcMethodColon objcMethodName
+hi link objcMethodName Function
+hi link objcMethodColon Function
"hi link objcMethodArg Identifier
-hi link objcMessageName objcMethodName
-hi link objcMessageColon objcMessageName
+hi link objcMessageName objcMessageColon
+hi link objcMessageColon objcMethodColon
hi link objcSubclass objcMethodName
hi link objcSuperclass String
hi link objcError Error
+hi link objcMethodTypeName Type
+hi link objcMethodType parens
+hi link objcVarDeclType Type
+hi link parens Delimiter
+hi link braces Delimiter
+hi link ops Operator

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