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Harnocode (Гарнокод)

Reformats (and rewrites) javascript code to look like beautiful ASCII-art picture.

Great thing about it is that code stays fully valid and functional after the transformation.

How it works:

  1. You upload your javascript code (preferrably minified, but non-minified is okay too).
  2. You upload your favorite image -- not too big and icon-like images work the best.
  3. You get back beautifully looking code (harnocode!). It remains valid and functional, so go ahead and deploy it!


I took jquery.min.js and formatted it as these pictures:

TODO: Examples above are not functional jquery, because I trimmed long tail that I though would be boring and wasteful to store. However, now I think that it would be much better to include fully functional harnocoded jquery. Now comes the actual TODO: re-do examples.

Building and developing

    $ lein bower install
    $ lein figwheel

Project now served at http://localhost:3449/

If you want to see it in action but don't want to install Clojure/ClojureScript stack, wait a little -- hosted version is on the way.


Harnocode was written in 24 hours on DOU Hackathon, held on 21-22 Feb 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine. It grabbed a prize there.

Though hackathon is over, I'm planning to add more cool features, and there will be hosted version soon, so stay tuned!