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DiD literature

Last updated: November 2022


The contents of this page are now on a dedicated website:

Please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. This README will just be used as a landing page for this GitHub repository.

πŸ“‘ What's inside?

This repository tracks the recent developments in the Difference-in-Difference (DiD) literature. Currently, it is just a dump of my bookmarks from different websites including Twitter, GitHub, YouTube etc. This will be sorted out over time as the literature converges to some consensus. But this might still take a while.

This is a working document. If you want to report errors or contribute, just open an issue, or start a discussion, or e-mail at Since paths and links are also subject to change, please report them to keep this repository as up-to-date as possible.

Code base

For the code base, the following are responsible:

Stata: @asjadnaqvi

R: @grantmcdermott

Please open an issue if you find errors, or have suggestions for enchancements.

If you can do the same with Python or Julia, then please reach out. I would like to enchance these sections.