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Find file Copy path
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- TempDir - [String] Temporary Location for File Downloads and Processing -->
<!-- LogPath - [String] Location for Log File (Maximum Log File Size can be set in the Script itself) -->
<!-- ContentLocationRoot - [String] Location for the SCCM Content - Applications will end up in a folder under this Root like: ApplicationName\Packages\ApplicationVersion -->
<!-- IconRepo - [String] Repository for Application Icons to be used in software Center -->
<IconRepo>\\Server\Share\Apps\Application Icons</IconRepo>
<!-- SCCMSite - [String] SCCM Site Name -->
<!-- FQDN of the Primary Site Server -->
<!-- RequirementsTemplateAppName - [String] Application used to copy requirements rules from -->
<RequirementsTemplateAppName>Application Requirements Template 1</RequirementsTemplateAppName>
<!-- NoVersionInSWCenter - [Boolean] Set to True to have Application Titles in Software Center with no version (Will Display in SW Center as "$Appname" instead of "$Appname $Appversion" -->
<!-- Email Preferences - An Email can optionally be sent after packaging is complete if any applications were Packaged -->
<!-- EmailTo - [String] Who to send the email to -->
<!-- EmailFrom - [String] Who the email should be from -->
<!-- EmailServer - [String] SMTP Server to send the email through -->
<!-- SendEmailPreference - [Boolean] Switch for sending the email after completion -->
<!-- NotifyOnDownloadFailure - [Boolean] Notify in Email if Downloading an application fails, requires SendEmailPreference to be True -->
<!-- PreferredDistributionLoc - [String] Distribution point GROUP to distribute content to if "DistributeContent" is set to true but no Distribution Points or Distribution Point Groups are set -->
<!-- PreferredDeployCollection - [String] Collection to deploy Application to if "DeploySoftware" is Set to True, but no "DeploymentCollection" is set -->
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