find-file-from-selection - easily open filename matched in mouse selection in Emacs
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Open a file by matching the current contents of the clipboard (mouse selection) and locating the file, possibly by searching for it.


asciinema demo


Put these lines in your ~/.emacs/init.el:

(add-to-list 'load-path "$PATHTOFFFS") ; fill in the path where you put the library
(require 'find-file-from-selection)
(define-key global-map (kbd "C-c C-f") 'find-file-from-selection) ; use the key you like


GNU Emacs 24.4.


  • Select text containing filename (and maybe line (and maybe column))
  • Press C-c C-f
  • Emacs opens the file


Often you see an error message in your terminal pointing you to a code line with an error.

Opening the file in Emacs and jumping to the line can be non-trivial - i.e. you perhaps select the file name in the output with the mouse, do C-c C-f (find-file) in Emacs, and then paste the filename using the middle mouse button in the mini buffer. Much of this is Fiddly stuff!

This is what this library tries to help with:

Simply select the text containing the filename with your mouse (can often be done with a double- or triple click) and use your handy shortcut to find-file-from-selection to have Emacs interpret the selected text and find the file for you, jumping to the line- and character, if included in the selected text.

The output doesn't always include the entire path to the file, which is why the library goes hunting for the file. It looks for the file in the current directory first, then recursively in the current directory, and finally recursively in any directories you have put in find-file-from-selection-directories (if you have specific directories where source code lives, adding these could be an idea)..

Note that if the "filename" contains slashes, the library will try to peel off one level at a time from the left, when looking recursively (handling the output from e.g. git, where a path has an "a/" or a "b/" prepended).


Adam Sjøgren <>


Syohei YOSHIDA (@syohex on Github)


Copyright (C) 2016, Adam Sjøgren. Released under the GPLv2.