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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
from .compat import format_d
from psutil import Process
except ImportError:
Process = None # noqa
_process = None
_mem_sample = []
def sample_mem():
"""Sample RSS memory usage.
Statistics can then be output by calling :func:`memdump`.
def memdump(samples=10):
"""Dump memory statistics.
Will print a sample of all RSS memory samples added by
calling :func:`sample_mem`, and in addition print
used RSS memory after :func:`gc.collect`.
if ps() is None:
print("- rss: (psutil not installed).")
if filter(None, _mem_sample):
print("- rss (sample):")
for mem in sample(_mem_sample, samples):
print("- > %s," % mem)
_mem_sample[:] = []
import gc
print("- rss (end): %s." % (mem_rss()))
def sample(x, n, k=0):
"""Given a list `x` a sample of length ``n`` of that list is returned.
E.g. if `n` is 10, and `x` has 100 items, a list of every 10th
item is returned.
``k`` can be used as offset.
j = len(x) // n
for _ in xrange(n):
yield x[k]
k += j
def mem_rss():
"""Returns RSS memory usage as a humanized string."""
p = ps()
if p is not None:
return "%sMB" % (format_d(p.get_memory_info().rss // 1024), )
def ps():
"""Returns the global :class:`psutil.Process` instance,
or :const:`None` if :mod:`psutil` is not installed."""
global _process
if _process is None and Process is not None:
_process = Process(os.getpid())
return _process
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