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@brouberol brouberol Updated Home (textile) Aug 27, 2015 0c8805b
@brouberol brouberol Add OVH to the company list Aug 27, 2015 74411e0
@Miking98 Miking98 Updated Home (textile) Jun 18, 2015 e6ed411
@romulojales romulojales Updated Home (textile) Jun 12, 2015 1272ba1
@dcollien dcollien Updated Home (textile) Apr 24, 2015 d99ac9f
@SeanHayes SeanHayes Added "errand-boy" to list of related projects. Apr 16, 2015 fbc9c80
@dylanlingelbach dylanlingelbach Add Earshot as Celery user Mar 29, 2015 3329fee
@kouk kouk Updated Home (textile) Feb 11, 2015 ba0cce1
@toloco toloco Add an other website that uses celery Jan 28, 2015 9e8f4f9
@wearpants wearpants Updated Home (textile) Jan 19, 2015 c94b0a8
@tebeka tebeka Added DemandMedia Dec 19, 2014 38c99c9
@tebeka tebeka Link to celery repo (not ask) Dec 19, 2014 2c7677c
@johngraham262 johngraham262 Adding Venmo to the list. Dec 16, 2014 acfa445
@harshil07 harshil07 Adding seedinvest as part of the companies using celery. Nov 7, 2014 fa460e3
Jathavan Sriram Added companies I work for and use Celery Apr 17, 2014 3ca3160
@zlovred zlovred Added competera company Mar 24, 2014 beae929
@siddharth96 siddharth96 Updated Home (textile) Mar 3, 2014 be427e8
@jewer jewer Added Dow Jones to your list (we're using celery to manage big data jobs) Feb 19, 2014 ebdbb9f
@kracekumar kracekumar Added recruiterbox Feb 4, 2014 1d1bee7
@abbasovalex abbasovalex Updated Home (textile) Dec 21, 2013 0a868f5
soolinglim added Kazoova to the list of companies that uses Celery Dec 4, 2013 8147a6e
@dn0 dn0 Updated Home (textile) Nov 19, 2013 5c355a9
@dn0 dn0 Added Erigones company - Thank you for creating Celery! Nov 19, 2013 cf29a6a
@xavitorne xavitorne added airpim srl to the list of users using celery Nov 14, 2013 f4cf1a5
@ask ask Updated Home (textile) Nov 9, 2013 873bb8c
@robert-b-clarke robert-b-clarke Added to list of celery users Oct 30, 2013 95e9809
@craig-jana craig-jana Adding Jana to the list of companies using celery. Oct 16, 2013 44cae36
@patrickwolf patrickwolf Added Pixomondo Sep 26, 2013 4076a2b
@patrickwolf patrickwolf Updated Home (textile) Sep 26, 2013 f7dd469
@smokey42 smokey42 add to companies using Celery Sep 26, 2013 eff87ee
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