chishop docs say to edit, but bin/django and bin/django.wsgi use #7

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carljm commented Dec 10, 2009

Took me a bit to figure out why the database settings I changed in chishop/ weren't taking effect. I had to look in bin/django and bin/django.wsgi to notice that they were both using chishop/ settings, which overrides the database settings. The docs at least should be fixed to note this.


ask commented Dec 10, 2009

Yes, I guess should be renamed to conf/, to and there should be a settings/


carljm commented Dec 13, 2009

Not entirely clear how the bikeshed should be painted here (I don't use buildout), but a possible fix (works for me):


ask commented Dec 13, 2009

Yeah, me neither. But your patches look good to me, I guess someone will complain if it's not how it's usually done.

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