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Moves contrib/requirements to top directory

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ask committed Apr 4, 2011
1 parent 65bbce5 commit e24e7e00ffb48d062f0237ddc0a97fac7706f475
@@ -8,18 +8,20 @@ include README
include README.rst
include THANKS
include TODO
include setup.cfg
recursive-include bin *
recursive-include contrib *
+recursive-include locale *
recursive-include djcelery *.py
recursive-include djcelery/templates *
recursive-include docs *
recursive-include examples *
recursive-include tests *
+recursive-include requirements *.txt
prune bin/*.pyc
prune tests/*.pyc
prune docs/*.pyc
prune contrib/*.pyc
prune djcelery/*.pyc
prune docs/.build
+prune examples/*.pyc
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.

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