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Change history
* CouchDB backend added.
* Redis: Automatically cast port argument to int.
* Beanstalk: Now properly implements ``queue.purge``.
* Django dependency removed.
:class:`collections.OrderedDict` is used instead of
`django.utils.datastructures.SortedDict` when running on Python 2.7.
If running on an older Python version, the :mod:`odict` package is added
as a dependency.
* Now depends on the :mod:`uuid` module.
The :mod:`uuid` module was added to Python 2.5. If running on older
versions the compat package is added as a dependency.
* Redis: Fied ``too many values to unpack`` errors.
* Now sets the destination queue when restoring unacked messages.
* Regression broke restoring of unacked messages.
* ``connection.drain_events`` now supports the ``timeout`` argument.
* Beanstalk backend added.
* Remove _consumers + _callbacks from thread local storage
* Redis: purge now returns number of messages deleted.
* Beanstalk: Added support for queue priorities and increased default receive
timeout to 1.
:release-date: 2010-07-19 11:30 A.M CEST
* Fixed ``invalid number of arguments for brpop command`` bug.
:release-date: 2010-07-14 11:00 A.M CEST
* now works with Python 2.4.
* License information added to distribution.
* Redis: Now uses blpop instead of polling.
This means version 2.0 of both the redis-server and the Python
redis client is required to use the Redis backend.
* Redis: The specified database name must now be an integer.
The following values are considered OK and are accepted:
===================================== =====================================
**Provided Value** **Actual database used**
===================================== =====================================
:const:`None` 0 (default database is used)
``""`` 0 (default database is used)
``"/"`` 0 (default database is used)
``"/1"`` 1
``"2"`` 2
``3`` 3
===================================== =====================================
**Note:** The backend does not check that specified database
actually exists on the server.
* MongoDB: ``find_one`` and ``remove`` has been replaced with
the atomic operation ``find_and_modify`` (see:
* .taproot: Added support for ``drain_events()``
:release-date: 2010-04-19 11:40 A.M CEST
* **IMPORTANT** database backend: The ``timestamp`` field has been renamed to
``sent_at`` as ``TIMESTAMP`` is a reserved word in Oracle databases.
This means existing users will need to migrate their existing tables.
In MySQL this can be done manually by using ``ALTER``::
ALTER TABLE ghettoq_message CHANGE timestamp sent_at DATETIME;
* Added support for MongoDB.