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Amazon SQS transport.
:copyright: (c) 2010 - 2012 by Ask Solem
:license: BSD, see LICENSE for more details.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import socket
import string
from Queue import Empty
from anyjson import loads, dumps
from boto import exception
from boto import sdb as _sdb
from boto import sqs as _sqs
from boto.sdb.domain import Domain
from boto.sdb.connection import SDBConnection
from boto.sqs.connection import SQSConnection
from boto.sqs.message import Message
from kombu.exceptions import StdChannelError
from kombu.utils import cached_property, uuid
from kombu.utils.encoding import safe_str
from . import virtual
# dots are replaced by dash, all other punctuation
# replaced by underscore.
CHARS_REPLACE_TABLE = dict((ord(c), 0x5f)
for c in string.punctuation if c not in '-_.')
CHARS_REPLACE_TABLE[0x2e] = 0x2d # '.' -> '-'
class Table(Domain):
"""Amazon SimpleDB domain describing the message routing table."""
# caches queues already bound, so we don't have to declare them again.
_already_bound = set()
def routes_for(self, exchange):
"""Iterator giving all routes for an exchange."""
return"""WHERE exchange = '%s'""" % exchange)
def get_queue(self, queue):
"""Get binding for queue."""
qid = self._get_queue_id(queue)
if qid:
return self.get_item(qid)
def create_binding(self, queue):
"""Get binding item for queue.
Creates the item if it doesn't exist.
item = self.get_queue(queue)
if item:
return item, item["id"]
id = uuid()
return self.new_item(id), id
def queue_bind(self, exchange, routing_key, pattern, queue):
if queue not in self._already_bound:
binding, id = self.create_binding(queue)
routing_key=routing_key or "",
pattern=pattern or "",
queue=queue or "",
def queue_delete(self, queue):
"""delete queue by name."""
item = self._get_queue_item(queue)
if item:
def exchange_delete(self, exchange):
"""Delete all routes for `exchange`."""
for item in self.routes_for(exchange):
def get_item(self, item_name):
"""Uses `consistent_read` by default."""
# Domain is an old-style class, can't use super().
for consistent_read in (False, True):
item = Domain.get_item(self, item_name, consistent_read)
if item:
return item
def select(self, query='', next_token=None, consistent_read=True,
"""Uses `consistent_read` by default."""
query = """SELECT * FROM `%s` %s""" % (, query)
return, query, next_token,
consistent_read, max_items)
def _try_first(self, query='', **kwargs):
for c in (False, True):
for item in, consistent_read=c, **kwargs):
return item
def get_exchanges(self):
return list(set(i["exchange"] for i in
def _get_queue_item(self, queue):
return self._try_first("""WHERE queue = '%s' limit 1""" % queue)
def _get_queue_id(self, queue):
item = self._get_queue_item(queue)
if item:
return item["id"]
class Channel(virtual.Channel):
Table = Table
default_region = "us-east-1"
domain_format = "kombu%(vhost)s"
_sdb = None
_sqs = None
_queue_cache = {}
_noack_queues = set()
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Channel, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
# SQS blows up when you try to create a new queue if one already
# exists with a different visibility_timeout, so this prepopulates
# the queue_cache to protect us from recreating
# queues that are known to already exist.
queues = self.sqs.get_all_queues()
for queue in queues:
self._queue_cache[] = queue
def basic_consume(self, queue, no_ack, *args, **kwargs):
if no_ack:
return super(Channel, self).basic_consume(queue, no_ack,
*args, **kwargs)
def basic_cancel(self, consumer_tag):
if consumer_tag in self._consumers:
queue = self._tag_to_queue[consumer_tag]
return super(Channel, self).basic_cancel(consumer_tag)
def entity_name(self, name, table=CHARS_REPLACE_TABLE):
"""Format AMQP queue name into a legal SQS queue name."""
return unicode(safe_str(name)).translate(table)
def _new_queue(self, queue, **kwargs):
"""Ensures a queue exists in SQS."""
queue = self.queue_name_prefix + queue
return self._queue_cache[queue]
except KeyError:
q = self._queue_cache[queue] = self.sqs.create_queue(
return q
def _queue_bind(self, *args):
"""Bind ``queue`` to ``exchange`` with routing key.
Route will be stored in SDB if so enabled.
if self.supports_fanout:
def get_table(self, exchange):
"""Get routing table.
Retrieved from SDB if :attr:`supports_fanout`.
if self.supports_fanout:
return [(r["routing_key"], r["pattern"], r["queue"])
for r in self.table.routes_for(exchange)]
return super(Channel, self).get_table(exchange)
def get_exchanges(self):
if self.supports_fanout:
return self.table.get_exchanges()
return super(Channel, self).get_exchanges()
def _delete(self, queue, *args):
"""delete queue by name."""
self._queue_cache.pop(queue, None)
if self.supports_fanout:
super(Channel, self)._delete(queue)
def exchange_delete(self, exchange, **kwargs):
"""Delete exchange by name."""
if self.supports_fanout:
super(Channel, self).exchange_delete(exchange, **kwargs)
def _has_queue(self, queue, **kwargs):
"""Returns True if ``queue`` has been previously declared."""
if self.supports_fanout:
return bool(self.table.get_queue(queue))
return super(Channel, self)._has_queue(queue)
def _put(self, queue, message, **kwargs):
"""Put message onto queue."""
q = self._new_queue(queue)
m = Message()
def _put_fanout(self, exchange, message, **kwargs):
"""Deliver fanout message to all queues in ``exchange``."""
for route in self.table.routes_for(exchange):
self._put(route["queue"], message, **kwargs)
def _get(self, queue):
"""Try to retrieve a single message off ``queue``."""
q = self._new_queue(queue)
rs = q.get_messages(1)
if rs:
m = rs[0]
payload = loads(rs[0].get_body())
if queue in self._noack_queues:
"sqs_message": m, "sqs_queue": q, })
return payload
raise Empty()
def basic_ack(self, delivery_tag):
delivery_info = self.qos.get(delivery_tag).delivery_info
queue = delivery_info["sqs_queue"]
except KeyError:
super(Channel, self).basic_ack(delivery_tag)
def _size(self, queue):
"""Returns the number of messages in a queue."""
return self._new_queue(queue).count()
def _purge(self, queue):
"""Deletes all current messages in a queue."""
q = self._new_queue(queue)
# SQS is slow at registering messages, so run for a few
# iterations to ensure messages are deleted.
size = 0
for i in xrange(10):
size += q.count()
if not size:
return size
def close(self):
super(Channel, self).close()
for conn in (self._sqs, self._sdb):
if conn:
except AttributeError, exc: # FIXME ???
if "can't set attribute" not in str(exc):
def _get_regioninfo(self, regions):
if self.region:
for _r in regions:
if == self.region:
return _r
def _aws_connect_to(self, fun, regions):
conninfo = self.conninfo
region = self._get_regioninfo(regions)
return fun(region=region,
def _next_delivery_tag(self):
return uuid() # See #73
def sqs(self):
if self._sqs is None:
self._sqs = self._aws_connect_to(SQSConnection, _sqs.regions())
return self._sqs
def sdb(self):
if self._sdb is None:
self._sdb = self._aws_connect_to(SDBConnection, _sdb.regions())
return self._sdb
def table(self):
name = self.entity_name(self.domain_format % {
"vhost": self.conninfo.virtual_host})
d = self.sdb.get_object("CreateDomain", {"DomainName": name},
self.Table) = name
return d
def conninfo(self):
return self.connection.client
def transport_options(self):
return self.connection.client.transport_options
def visibility_timeout(self):
return self.transport_options.get("visibility_timeout")
def queue_name_prefix(self):
return self.transport_options.get("queue_name_prefix", '')
def supports_fanout(self):
return self.transport_options.get("sdb_persistence", False)
def region(self):
return self.transport_options.get("region") or self.default_region
class Transport(virtual.Transport):
Channel = Channel
polling_interval = 1
default_port = None
connection_errors = (exception.SQSError, socket.error)
channel_errors = (exception.SQSDecodeError, StdChannelError)