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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Ask Solem <>
# Christopher MacGown <>
# Evan Broder <>
# James Rowe <>
# Jeremy Dunck <>
# Michael Basnight <>
# Patryk Zawadzki <>
# Surajram Kumaravel <>
# Vincent Driessen <>
# modocache <>
# This file is part of python-github2, and is made available under the 3-clause
# BSD license. See LICENSE for the full details.
from github2.request import GithubRequest
from github2.issues import Issues
from github2.repositories import Repositories
from github2.users import Users
from github2.commits import Commits
from github2.organizations import Organizations
from github2.teams import Teams
from github2.pull_requests import PullRequests
class Github(object):
"""Interface to GitHub's API v2."""
def __init__(self, username=None, api_token=None, requests_per_second=None,
access_token=None, cache=None, proxy_host=None,
proxy_port=8080, github_url=None):
"""Setup GitHub API object.
.. versionadded:: 0.2.0
The ``requests_per_second`` parameter
.. versionadded:: 0.3.0
The ``cache`` and ``access_token`` parameters
.. versionadded:: 0.4.0
The ``proxy_host`` and ``proxy_port`` parameters
.. versionadded:: 0.7.0
The ``github_url`` parameter
:param str username: your own GitHub username.
:param str api_token: can be found at
(while logged in as that user):
:param str access_token: can be used when no ``username`` and/or
``api_token`` is used. The ``access_token`` is the OAuth access
token that is received after successful OAuth authentication.
:param float requests_per_second: indicate the API rate limit you're
operating under (1 per second per GitHub at the moment),
or None to disable delays. The default is to disable delays (for
backwards compatibility).
:param str cache: a directory for caching GitHub responses.
:param str proxy_host: the hostname for the HTTP proxy, if needed.
:param str proxy_port: the hostname for the HTTP proxy, if needed (will
default to 8080 if a proxy_host is set and no port is set).
:param str github_url: the hostname to connect to, for GitHub
Enterprise support
self.request = GithubRequest(username=username, api_token=api_token,
access_token=access_token, cache=cache,
self.issues = Issues(self.request)
self.users = Users(self.request)
self.repos = Repositories(self.request)
self.commits = Commits(self.request)
self.organizations = Organizations(self.request)
self.teams = Teams(self.request)
self.pull_requests = PullRequests(self.request)
def project_for_user_repo(self, user, repo):
"""Return GitHub identifier for a user's repository.
:param str user: repository owner
:param str repo: repository name
return "/".join([user, repo])
def get_all_blobs(self, project, tree_sha):
"""Get a list of all blobs for a specific tree.
.. versionadded:: 0.3.0
:param str project: GitHub project
:param str tree_sha: object ID of tree
blobs = self.request.get("blob/all", project, tree_sha)
return blobs.get("blobs")
def get_blob_info(self, project, tree_sha, path):
"""Get the blob for a file within a specific tree.
:param str project: GitHub project
:param str tree_sha: object ID of tree
:param str path: path within tree to fetch blob for
blob = self.request.get("blob/show", project, tree_sha, path)
return blob.get("blob")
def get_tree(self, project, tree_sha):
"""Get tree information for a specifc tree.
:param str project: GitHub project
:param str tree_sha: object ID of tree
tree = self.request.get("tree/show", project, tree_sha)
return tree.get("tree", [])
def get_network_meta(self, project):
"""Get GitHub metadata associated with a project.
:param str project: GitHub project
return self.request.raw_request("/".join([self.request.github_url,
"network_meta"]), {})
def get_network_data(self, project, nethash, start=None, end=None):
"""Get chunk of GitHub network data.
:param str project: GitHub project
:param str nethash: identifier provided by :meth:`get_network_meta`
:param int start: optional start point for data
:param int stop: optional end point for data
data = {"nethash": nethash}
if start:
data["start"] = start
if end:
data["end"] = end
return self.request.raw_request("/".join([self.request.github_url,
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