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Commits on Jun 11, 2012
  1. @JNRowe

    Bumped version to 0.6.2.

    JNRowe authored
  2. @JNRowe
  3. @JNRowe

    Minor fixes to quickstart doc.

    JNRowe authored
    This makes the usage far closer to what a user would expect in an interactive
  4. @JNRowe

    Rewording of the API v3 migration note.

    JNRowe authored
    There has been a reprieve for the API v2 switch-off, and the note from
    3414c22 is no longer as urgent.
Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. @JNRowe
  2. @JNRowe

    Fixed simplejson dependency for Python 2.4.

    JNRowe authored
    Recent versions of simplejson no longer support Python 2.4.
  3. @JNRowe

    Updated dependency information for dateutil-2.1 support.

    JNRowe authored
    This has become quite messy, to the point that I had a little look for
    a hackable replacement.
Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. @JNRowe

    Merge branch 'feat/test_rework'

    JNRowe authored
    * feat/test_rework:
      Use mock for sleep in rate limit tests.
      Added BaseData dict setting tests.
      Added BaseData dict key failure test.
      Added test for requires_auth decorator.
      Http mocking switched to use mock.Mock object.
      Rewrite issue 50 test without using Http mock.
      Mark rate limit test with 'slow' attribute.
      [QA] PEP 257 fixes to tests.
      Use instead of assert_true.
      Use instead of assert_equals.
  2. @JNRowe
  3. @JNRowe
  4. @JNRowe
  5. @JNRowe
  6. @JNRowe
  7. @JNRowe
  8. @JNRowe
  9. @JNRowe
  10. @JNRowe
  11. @JNRowe

    [QA] PEP 257 fixes to tests.

    JNRowe authored
  12. @JNRowe
  13. @JNRowe
  14. @JNRowe

    Added pip requirements files.

    JNRowe authored
  15. @JNRowe

    Merge branch 'feat/packaging_smells'

    JNRowe authored
    * feat/packaging_smells:
      [QA] Clean up the ignore list.
      Add per-file licensing info.
  16. @JNRowe

    Merge branch 'feat/pep_257'

    JNRowe authored
    * feat/pep_257:
      Use class docstring with autodoc.
      Added some more missing docstrings.
      [QA] Use imperative form as per PEP 257.
      [QA] Use PEP 257 punctuation guidelines.
      [QA] Follow PEP 257 whitespace rules.
  17. @JNRowe
  18. @JNRowe
  19. @JNRowe
  20. @JNRowe
  21. @JNRowe
  22. @JNRowe

    [QA] Minor grammar fix in contributing doc.

    JNRowe authored
    More fixes always welcome.
  23. @JNRowe
  24. @JNRowe
  25. @JNRowe
  26. @JNRowe

    [QA] Clean up the ignore list.

    JNRowe authored
  27. @JNRowe

    Add per-file licensing info.

    JNRowe authored
    Removes a -10 'packaging smell', and basically for free with ucopy ;)
Commits on Apr 30, 2012
  1. @modocache @JNRowe

    Change enterprise URL in docs.

    modocache authored JNRowe committed
    Closes #76.
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